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Hi there! Thank you for visiting. I am glad you’re here 🙂

My name is Linda and I am a Travel Coach for success-driven mompreneurs who wish to spend more quality time with their little ones

What is a travel coach, you ask?

I am the travel expert who will inspire, encourage, and train you to be the best traveler you can be.

portrait2I was raised in a multicultural environment where we spoke French, Spanish, English, and Arabic on a regular basis (yes, in that order 😀 ). I have a passion for travel, teaching, and cross-cultural understanding.

I hold a BS in Business Management, a MS in Hospitality, and a PhD in Tourism. I know a thing or two about the travel industry, but mostly importantly, as a working mom, I understand the benefits of travel for adults as well as for small children.

When I’m not busy planning trips for family and friends, you can find me enjoying quality time with my husband and our two little boys, who are both under 2!  😆 

Feel free to look around my website for inspiration, encouragement, and training on why and how to travel around the world with babies and toddlers. If you have any questions, just shoot me an email at linda@tokende.com. 

From my family to yours: Happy travels! 🙂  


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